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Cooking/Recipe Articles :: Cooking Tips :: General Cooking Tips :: Storing Onions

Storing Onions

Living only a short distance from Vidalia, Ga. where these wonderful onions are grown, I have enjoyed these onions for years. Here are a few tips for storing your onions.

You can store your onions for up to six months without freezing by wrapping your onions separately in paper towels or foil and storing in
your refrigerator.

There are three ways you can freeze your onions. Freezing changes the onions texture, so frozen onions should be used only for cooking.

  1. Chop and place onions on a cookie sheet in the freezer. When frozen, remove and place in freezer containers or bags, and seal. This allows you to remove the amount you want, when you want.

  2. You can also freeze whole onions. Peel, wash, core and place onions in a plastic bag and freeze.

  3. You may also slice your onions and saute them in a little butter, cool and then freeze in freezer bags. I do this for winter soups, stews and casseroles.

Drying - Chop onions and dry in oven using lowest setting and remove when thoroughly dry but not brown. Store at room temperature in airtight container.

To bring out the true sweetness of the onions when eating raw, place onion in the fridge, skin on, for one hour before using. In a hurry? Place the onion in a bowl of ice water for about 15-20 minutes, remove and drain on paper towels.

The tried and true way to store your onions when in season is the old panty hose trick. I sort my onions by size, drop them in, tie off at the top of each onion and keep going until each leg is full. When you need a onion, just cut below the knot above the onion. Make sure you hang your onions in a well ventilated area. I hang mine on my screened back porch by my kitchen so I have quick access to them.

I hope this info will help you enjoy your Vidalia onions all year long.

Happy Cooking!
Very Happy

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